BS5839-1:2017 – Standards Update



BS5839-1 provides recommendations for the planning, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems.

BSI has revised BS 5839-1:2017, the Code of Practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic dwellings.  The revision was published on 31 August 2017 and supersedes BS 5839-1:2013 which is now withdrawn.

Who needs to know about the changes?

Anyone involved in the design and planning of fire detection and alarm systems, as well as installation and commissioning specialists such as Diamond Systems, need to know about these important changes to BS5839.

The BS5839-1 revision adopts the latest industry thinking and new technologies, including added guidance on the use of video fire detection and multi-sensor fire detectors, with the aim of reducing the incidence of false alarms.

What has changed in BS5839-1?

BS5839-1:2017 is a full revision of the Code of Practice and contains a number of changes over the previous version.

The revised standard takes into account the changes to other major fire safety standards including BS EN 54 standards for fire detection and alarm, and BS9999 for fire safety in commercial buildings. Diamond Systems can assist with your understanding of these changes, to ensure your fire alarm design fully complies with the new standard.

Some of the key changes are:

  • To reduce the chance of either malicious or accidental activation it is recommended that all manual call points are fitted with a protective cover.  Fitting protective covers to manual call points is now the default recommendation.  A “variation” to the Code of Practice must be declared if covers are not fitted.
  • Means of safe isolation for maintenance purposes must be provided however there is no longer a requirement to provide double pole isolation adjacent to control equipment and power supply units.
  • Additional guidance on areas including the use of multi-sensor detectors; voice alarm systems; and new technology for fire detectors.

These changes aim to reduce the confusion in the marketplace around how to implement the recommendations given in BS5839-1.

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BS5839-1:2017 – Standards Update