Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire occurs when the elements of heat, fuel and oxygen are present and combined in the right mixture, meaning that fire is actually an event rather than a thing. A fire can be prevented or extinguished by removing any one of the elements in the fire triangle, and this forms the basis of intelligent extinguishing technology. Inert gas suppression systems reduce the level of oxygen present, whilst synthetic suppression systems reduce the heat within the fire. Another form of extinguishing is the water mist system, however this may be unsuitable for environments such as data centres, where the damage caused by the liquid discharge may cause even greater damage on hardware located within the vicinity of the fire.

Intelligent Fire Extinguishing Systems

Through our established partnership with Siemens, Diamond offer the Sinorix intelligent extinguishing solution as a proposed solution for data centre type environments. The Siemens Sinorix intelligent extinguishing solution is based on long-term, sustainable technology and has one of the highest safety margins. The Sinorix intelligent extinguishing solution ensures quick and reliable extinguishing without negative impact on the environment, with the added advantage of silent nozzle technology, a feature which can vastly reduce any damage to computer hardware caused by the noise of a system activation.

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Fire Extinguishing Systems

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