Eliminating False Fire Alarms


False alarms are generally an unwelcome occurrence, causing disruption to business, a drain on government resources, and a tangible cost to all parties involved: the company, the public and  the fire and rescue service. Another major concern is loss of production due to evacuation, risk of fines/prosecution and loss of confidence in the alarm equipment.

Over 7,000 false alarm calls are recorded annually throughout Northern Ireland due to fire alarm equipment. Given that the cost of each dispatch is approx £3,000, a large amount of money is being spent on something that could have otherwise been avoided.

Why do false alarms due to equipment happen?

There are 2 main issues:

  • a lack of regular maintenance;
  • or failure to update older technologies.

The Solution is Simple

In partnership with global manufacturer Siemens, we can offer a simple solution to false alarms with the Cerberus Pro intelligent product range and are leading the way in trying to eradicate this widespread problem in Northern Ireland.

“With the introduction of fines in some regions of Great Britain for false activations, Diamond’s direct access to the Siemens range of products and support, means cost effective solutions for our customers that meet requirements and enhance system performance,” explains Steve Snoddon, Joint Managing Director of Diamond.

The Cerberus Pro product range has been specifically designed with the purpose of reducing false alarms. The range includes a variety of control panels, fire detectors, peripheral devices and accessories designed to offer excellent reliability and protection against false alarms.

“Diamond, in partnership with Siemens, have a solution to reducing false fire alarms. This is a major step forward in reducing the financial burden of false fire activations on the local economy,” says Steve.

Cerberus® PRO is a powerful fire protection system for fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signalling and control. Its wide portfolio of innovative products provides clever technology with extensive safety features. So you can be sure to meet your application with confidence. Main features:

  • Smart, unique safety features such as built-in turbo isolators, degrade mode, standby functionality, etc.
  • Cerberus PRO fire control panels combine high security standards with the latest technology
  • Fire detectors also increase safety thanks to their distributed intelligence: important decisions are made on the spot in the detector
  • Degrade mode functionality is integrated throughout the system: ensuring detection, control, alarming and fire brigade communication even in the event of a processor failure

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Eliminating False Fire Alarms