Diamond Pledges Support to Mates in Mind Charity


Diamond Systems reaffirmed their commitment to all aspects of staff welfare by registering with the Mates in Mind charity. Mates in Mind is a UK charity raising awareness and addressing the stigma of poor mental health, by promoting positive mental wellbeing across workplaces.

The charity helps to make sense of available options and support employers to address mental health within their workplace. Mates in Mind works across industries, focusing on construction, as well as related sectors including transport, logistics, manufacturing and others.

Angela Bennett, Joint Managing Director of Diamond Systems said: “A supportive culture is something that we strive for at Diamond, and something that is inherent within most family businesses. We are delighted to formally pledge our support to Mates in Mind, to help raise awareness of mental health issues within our organisation. We are encouraging our team to support one another by both talking and listening, and generally being there for each other. As a supporter of the charity, our team now also have access to a 24 hour mental health support helpline.”

For more information on how to become a supporter of Mates in Mind, visit their website: https://www.matesinmind.org/


Diamond Pledges Support to Mates in Mind Charity