Temperature Screening Thermal Solution from Diamond


Diamond Systems are pleased to introduce the Temperature Screening Thermal Solution, that will help premises managers, health and safety representatives, and employers manage risk amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diamond’s Temperature Screening Thermal Solution uses CCTV analytics to detect the temperature of people within an indoor space.  A high temperature is a common symptom of COVID-19, and with more companies now returning to work, it is vital that appropriate risk management measures are adopted.

How does the Technology Work?

The system contains an optical and thermal camera, built into one unit. Building occupants flow freely past the system, and an alert is generated if a high temperature is detected. To minimise false alarms, the technology incorporates facial recognition, reading the temperature directly from a person’s forehead, thereby ignoring deceptive heat elements such as a coffee cup in hand.

What happens if a high temperature is detected?

The system can be programmed to generate an audible and visual alert, and can also play a pre-recorded message, in the event of a high temperature being detected. It is important that there is a management procedure in place to react to alerts, such as verifying the person’s temperature with a medical thermometer.

How accurate is the system?

The system utilises a very advanced sensor that provides accuracy within plus or minus 0.5 degrees. The system can be further enhanced with the incorporation of a calibration device, which increases accuracy to plus or minus 0.3 degrees. It is important to note that the system is a Temperature Screening Thermal Solution, and does not claim to detect COVID-19.

Can Access Control be incorporated into this system?

Yes, and this also solves the issue of contactless entry. Essentially a person’s face acts as their credentials for gaining entry, and at the same time reads their temperature, in line with the Temperature Screening Thermal Solution outlined above. This system also replaces traditional time and attendance systems, which typically require a thumb or finger print.

Does the system have any other benefits?

An optional feature is that the system can play a pre-recorded message if it detects someone is not wearing a facemask.

The technology is demonstrated in the video on the link below:


To request further information on this technology please contact us via email sales@diamondsystems.co.uk or telephone 02890 207 207.

Temperature Screening Thermal Solution from Diamond