Securing Your Premises Sustainably


Sustainability is, more than likely, a key item on your agenda if you are fortunate to work for a responsible business.

But have you thought about how your premises fire and security systems can actually help move you closer to your sustainability goals?

Our Joint Managing Director, Angela Bennett, explains how Diamond Systems have implemented sustainable solutions, and how we can help our customers meet their sustainability goals.

Q: How important is sustainability and the environment within Diamond Systems?

We have, for many years, been aware of the impact of our business on the environment, which is why we have been operating a paperless service management system since 2007. Engineers are all equipped with handheld devices on which they receive their job instructions and capture customer signatures, on completion of the works. Communication between the office and customers is all electronic, from satisfaction surveys to invoicing.

We were also the first local fire and security company to achieve the NVIR-O-CERT accreditation, which is a construction-specific Environmental Management System, developed by the Construction Employers Federation (CEF) and supported by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and the leading environmental professional body, the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

How important is product selection in providing a sustainable service?

Our selection of manufacturing partners has always had sustainability in mind, and we offer a range of systems which are durable and highly effective, minimising both faults and false alarms and the associated environmental impact created therein.

Our systems have a much longer life-cycle, which for the intelligent buyer, offers a much higher return on investment.

Q: What changes to working practices have you implemented recently to further enhance sustainability?

This year we have invested in a new fleet of Hybrid vehicles, to reduce our CO2 emissions and obtain higher fuel efficiency. Our carbon footprint is reduced further by minimising engineer visits to site, thanks to the remote maintenance capabilities of our systems. We also now pre-configure systems at our Head Office, before the engineer goes to site. We currently have a big focus on reducing waste within our operations and are implementing lean working practices.

Q: How can you help customers with their sustainable goals?

The first thing we would do is review the current systems installed within the premises, and provide a report on their age and condition. Our recommendations thereafter would be based on the company’s desired level of sustainability. We can provide everything from a straightforward upgrade of the system to more modern and reliable technology, which will reduce call outs and the environmental impact of maintenance, through to a fully integrated cloud solution that will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint associated with fire and security systems.

Q: How can fire and security systems help customers with their sustainability goals?

Some practical examples of how intelligent fire and security systems can improve sustainability are:

  • Cloud based systems which enable remote connection for both the user and Diamond engineers – dramatically reducing unnecessary motion to site, and the associated environmental impact
  • Remote diagnostics which pre-empt potential system faults, minimising false alarms and eliminating business down time / waste
  • Competently designed CCTV systems that can reduce video storage requirements, thus reducing total energy output
  • Reliable, responsive fire detection and alarm systems, providing the earliest warning of fire. This could ultimately be the difference between the survival of your business, or not, should a fire break out.

Q: How can responsible businesses find out more?

To arrange a survey of your current fire and security systems, and to find out more about our sustainable solutions, please get in touch directly or Contact us via our website.

Securing Your Premises Sustainably