How will the PSTN Switch-off affect my Alarm System?


What is PSTN?

PSTN stands for Public Switch Telephone Network, and is the traditional copper wire, circuit-switched telephone network.

What is the PSTN Switch-off?

The PSTN switch-off is the process of migrating these old analogue phone lines to an all-IP network. It is currently happening across the United Kingdom, and will be fully complete by 31st December 2025.

How could this impact my alarm system?

It is not just telephones that rely on PSTN lines. Alarm systems also send signals down these lines. Unless your system already has an IP based signalling solution, it will likely be using the old PSTN network to dial out to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), when a signal needs to be sent – for example on alarm activation.

Once your premises switches over to the new digital service, alarm systems using PSTN will no longer be able to transmit signals. This may impact insurance policies, not to mention the safety of the building occupants and the security of the premises.

What types of alarm system will be affected?

Any type of alarm system could be affected – intruder alarms and fire alarms, if they transmit signals to Alarm Receiving Centres.

What action do I need to take to ensure continuity of signalling after the Switch-Off?

Contact Diamond Systems to discuss upgrading your alarm signalling to an IP based solution. There are a range of options and our team will advise you on the most suitable solution. Contact us on 02890 207 207 or email

How will the PSTN Switch-off affect my Alarm System?