Exciting New Partnership: Diamond Systems and Tio Fire Safety


We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between Diamond Systems and Tio Fire Safety, ushering in a new era of innovation and efficiency in fire safety management. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the way we handle fire safety compliance, helping our clients transition to a completely paperless system by the end of 2024, in alignment with the UK government’s digital record-keeping initiatives.

Why Tio Fire Safety?

Tio Fire Safety is an award-winning app designed to make compliance simpler, smarter, and more efficient. By integrating Tio’s state-of-the-art digital logbooks, Diamond Systems will eliminate traditional paper-based fire logbooks, offering our clients a seamless, digital solution.

Key Features and Benefits

1. Comprehensive Digital Logbook: Tio’s 6-in-1 digital logbook covers fire safety, security, gas, electrical, and water safety, ensuring all compliance needs are met in one easy-to-use platform.
2. BS5839-1 Compliant: Stay compliant with industry standards effortlessly.
3. Custom Tasks and Built-in Guidance: Tailor tasks to specific needs and follow built-in guidance for regular checks and tests.
4. Document Storage: Securely store certificates, drawings, and other important documents.
5. Asset Management: Track and manage over 100 different types of assets with pre-configured templates, including fire alarms, extinguishers, emergency lights, and more. The software auto calculates tested percentage i.e. 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and you can also view the age profile of your assets, to assist budgeting.
6. Visitor Management: Enhance visitor experience with contactless QR code sign-ins, time-stamped arrivals, and check-out reminders.
7. GDPR Compliant: All data is stored on UK-based servers, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

How It Works

With Tio’s digital fire logbooks, accessing your fire safety records is easier than ever. Simply scan a QR code sticker placed on your fire panel or log in via a web browser. Tio will send customers an email invitation to activate their account, and Diamond engineers can assist with the set up on site, including asset labelling and capture on the software. The end result is a full, up to date electronic asset register of all your installed equipment, with scheduling programmed for in-house and external inspections, all viewed on a user friendly dashboard.

What This Means for You

– No More Paperwork: Say goodbye to cumbersome paper logbooks that can often go missing!
– Real-Time Access: Access your fire safety records anytime, anywhere.
– Enhanced Compliance: Automatically track and document compliance activities.

For more information on switching to digital fire logbooks for your premises, please email sales@diamondsystems.co.uk or get in touch via the website form – contact us.

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Exciting New Partnership: Diamond Systems and Tio Fire Safety