Is it time to upgrade your Fire Detection and Alarm System?


Fire detection and alarm systems, like any form of technology, don’t last forever.  When your fire alarm system exceeds ten years old, it may be time to consider upgrading.

Why Ten Years?

The lifetime of the optical parts inside a smoke detector is defined as the time expected for it to drop to below 70% of its initial light output. Although it will still operate, the detector will cease to operate within its designed specification.

Other electronic components are known to slowly change specification over time. This can affect the sensitivity of the smoke sensor over a long period of time. An increase in sensitivity might cause false alarms. Decreased sensitivity could significantly affect the time required to detect a fire and impact the time available for evacuation or other fire response measures.

All devices should be replaced in accordance with applicable legislation in the country where they are installed. If not required to be replaced earlier, we recommend that any devices over ten years old should be replaced as part of your buildings’ standard maintenance and upgrade processes.

The Upgrade Process

The process is less daunting than you might think, and partnering with a specialist such as Diamond will ensure a smooth transition to a modern fire detection and alarm system.

Older fire alarm systems often no longer meet current safety requirements. Nuisance alarms may occur more often as the system ages, resulting in downtime and an interruption to business processes. In certain sectors, including hospitality, false alarms have an impact on the reputation of your brand, and may even result in a financial loss. Additionally, older systems require increasingly intensive maintenance, and it could be more economical to consider an upgrade to newer technology rather than putting more money into an old system. All these aspects affect your safety needs, and those of the occupants within your premises, which is why a fire alarm system requires timely modernisation.

Diamond Systems, in partnership with the world’s leading fire detection and alarm manufacturers, will guide you through the upgrade process and offer you a range of brands, depending on your budget and exact requirements. You may not need a complete system replacement, as some of our brands will utilise the existing cabling within the premises, saving you money on the overall upgrade.

Phased Modernisation to New Technology

You can also choose to upgrade you fire alarm system in stages, by way of a phased modernisation. A phased approach offers the advantage of bringing modernisation in line with your requirements and budget.  Upgrading to the latest technology ensures that your fire safety is kept up to date.

In conjunction with Siemens Financial, Diamond Systems are pleased to offer leasing options over 3 or 5 years, to help spread the cost of upgrading. You may also wish to include a fully comprehensive contract in the leasing package, helping you to accurately forecast expenditure over time.

Features of Modern Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Diamond offer a range of intelligent Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, with most modern fire alarms now offering the following features:

  • Longer life cycle: 20- 25 years compared to the traditional 10 year life cycle
  • Smart detection – fast, reliable detection with immunity to deceptive phenomena e.g. steam, dust, aerosols
  • Remote access – for both the user and the maintenance specialist
  • Degrade mode – communication of an alarm even in the event of a processor failure
  • Radio fire detection – useful for temporary installations or historic buildings
  • Easy and intuitive to operate
  • True Open Protocol systems
  • Cloud connectivity – providing greater visibility on multiple buildings from any location. The resulting higher responsiveness increases safety and enhances operational efficiency

To discuss the life safety requirements for your business, or to arrange a demonstration of the latest fire detection and alarm systems on the market, contact us on 02890 207 207, or email

Is it time to upgrade your Fire Detection and Alarm System? Emergency Lighting